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If you can't find what you're looking for in our extensive range of stocked jewellery, we can make something for you!

Bespoke Designs, Unique to You

Sonny's also offer a bespoke design service. Whether you are looking to incorporate a specific elements from an existing design, or you have your own specific ideas, we have the expertise to help. 
Our designers, gemologists, diamond specialists and goldsmiths will guide you through the process from an initial sketch to a finished jewellery piece.

Re-modelling Your Old Treasures, Personal and More 'You'

We all have family heirlooms and sentimental jewellery sat at the back of a drawer. Sometimes these precious pieces may not fit your current style - but that doesn't mean they need to sit neglected! At Sonny's we can work with you to remodel your old jewellery into something new and more 'you'.

Using the metal and stones in your current piece we could create something that you'd love to wear each and every day! Just drop by to discuss what the possibilities are for a new bespoke design.



Get in touch to book an appointment and let's begin to create your dream jewellery together.