Collection: Gemstone Jewellery

Discover the beauty of precious gemstone jewellery in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Our collection features stunning pieces crafted with high-quality coloured gemstones from sparkling rubies, sapphires, and citrine to vibrant emeralds. Each gemstone has its own unique characteristics and symbolism making them a wonderful addition to your collection with personal and historical meanings.

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  • birthstone jewellery guide

    Discover your Birthstone?

    Birthstones are nature's most exquisite gifts, dazzling with their brilliance and enchanting with their colours. Each birthstone is a masterpiece of nature, crafted over millions of years..

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  • coloured gemstone jewellery guide

    Coloured Gemstone Jewellery Guide

    Discover the stunning nature of Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones with our ultimate guide to gemstone jewellery from Sonny's Jewellers in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

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  • pearls and diamonds: white gemstone jewellery guide

    Pearls and Diamond Jewellery Guide

    Pearls, diamonds and other white gemstone jewellery has a pure and elegant appearance, that has captivated the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts for centuries. ..

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