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Sapphire Jewellery Buying Guide

Sapphires, known for their mesmerising beauty and timeless allure, are gemstones that have captivated hearts and minds for centuries. With their stunning array of colours, sapphire jewellery offers a world of possibilities for those seeking elegance, sophistication, and a touch of luxury.

sapphire jewellery guide

What are Sapphires?

Sapphires are exquisite gemstones belonging to the corundum mineral species, just like rubies. While rubies are known for their red colour, sapphires encompass a wide spectrum of hues, including blue, pink, yellow, green, and even colourless (known as white sapphires). Blue sapphires, with their deep and velvety tones, are the most renowned and sought-after variety, symbolising wisdom, nobility, and truth. Sapphires possess remarkable hardness, rating 9 on the Mohs scale, making them highly durable and resistant to scratches, ensuring long-lasting beauty in jewellery pieces.

Sapphire Jewellery Inspiration

sapphire ring
sapphire ring
sapphire ring

Sapphire Lore and Meaning

Sapphires hold a rich tapestry of lore and meanings that have fascinated civilisations throughout history. Here are some of the notable associations:

  1. Symbol of Wisdom and Royalty: Sapphires have been connected to wisdom and nobility. They were believed to possess the power to enhance intellectual clarity and insight. Sapphires adorned the robes and crowns of kings and queens, signifying their elevated status and divine favour.
  2. Guardian of Spiritual Truth: Sapphires were seen as guardians of spiritual truth and enlightenment. They were associated with sacred knowledge and believed to facilitate spiritual growth and connection. Sapphires were prized by spiritual leaders and seekers of higher wisdom.
  3. Talisman of Love and Fidelity: Sapphires have been linked to love and loyalty. They were regarded as symbols of enduring affection and faithfulness. Sapphires have been cherished as tokens of deep romantic bonds, often used in engagement rings to represent a lifelong commitment.

Today, sapphires continue to inspire awe with their timeless allure and hold diverse meanings for individuals. Whether admired for their regal blue hues or other captivating shades, sapphires encapsulate a legacy of wisdom, protection, and profound symbolism that transcends time.

sapphire gemstone colour guide

Sapphire Jewellery Colour Guide


Blue sapphires are a captivating type of gemstone cherished for their deep and alluring blue colour. The intensity and saturation of the blue hue in a sapphire are determined by the presence of certain trace elements, particularly iron and titanium, within the crystal structure. The finest blue sapphires exhibit a vivid and pure blue shade, free from any excessive darkness or lightness, with a high level of colour saturation.

While blue is the most coveted colour for sapphires, they can also be found in other shades such as pink, yellow, and orange. However, it is the blue sapphire that holds the highest value and demand. The clarity of a blue sapphire can impact its colour appearance, with higher clarity leading to a more consistent and evenly distributed hue. Furthermore, the cut of a blue sapphire plays a role in optimising its colour, as a well-cut stone will enhance its brilliance and vibrancy by effectively reflecting light.

Where do Sapphires come from?

where to find sapphire gemstones

Sapphires are found in various regions around the world, each contributing to the diverse range of colours and characteristics exhibited by these enchanting gemstones. Historically, one of the most renowned sources of sapphires is Kashmir, India, nestled in the Himalayan mountains. Kashmir sapphires are esteemed for their velvety blue hue and exceptional transparency, embodying a sense of ethereal beauty. Another notable origin is Sri Lanka, which has been a consistent source of sapphires for centuries. Sri Lankan sapphires display a wide spectrum of colours, including vibrant blues, delicate pinks, and captivating yellows. Other significant sources include Madagascar, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, the US and East Africa. Each of these regions contributes its own unique geological conditions, resulting in a remarkable array of sapphires with varying colours, qualities, and characteristics.

Famous Sapphires

The Star of India

The "Star of India" blue sapphire stands as an iconic gemstone in the world of precious jewels. Originating from Sri Lanka, this remarkable gem boasts a deep, velvety blue hue that evokes a sense of enchantment. What truly sets it apart is its mesmerising asterism—an optical phenomenon that creates a stunning star-shaped pattern when light interacts with the stone's natural inclusions. This captivating star effect brings the gem to life, bestowing it with a celestial allure.

The Logan Sapphire

This is a 423.52-carat blue star sapphire that is the second-largest gem-quality star sapphire in the world. It was discovered in Sri Lanka in the 19th century and was named after its original owner, John Pierpont Morgan.

The Logan Sapphire is a step-cut stone, which means that it has flat facets on all sides. It has a six-rayed star that is visible when the stone is held up to the light. The Logan Sapphire is currently on display at the Field Museum in Chicago.

The Stuart Sapphire

This is a 104.62-carat blue sapphire that is set in the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom. It was originally owned by Mary, Queen of Scots, and was passed down to her son, James I of England.

The Stuart Sapphire is a cabochon-cut stone, and it has a six-rayed star that is visible when the stone is held up to the light.

The Imperial State Crown is worn by the British monarch on important state occasions.

sapphire birthstone ring

september birthstone

Sapphire Birthstone Jewellery

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. It is also associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. Sapphire is a type of corundum, which is a mineral that is also found in rubies.

As a birthstone, sapphire is believed to bestow its wearers with blessings, protection, and positive energy throughout their lives. It is said to symbolise wisdom, truth, and sincerity, aligning with the qualities associated with those born in September. The deep blue sapphire, in particular, is closely tied to notions of loyalty, trust, and inner strength, making it a fitting gemstone for individuals born in this month. Whether worn as jewellery or kept close as a talisman, sapphires serve as a cherished birthstone that celebrates and enhances the unique attributes of September-born individuals.

Celebrity Sapphires

kate middleton's engagement ring

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

This is is a 12-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 round diamonds. The ring was originally owned by Princess Diana, and it was passed down to Kate Middleton when she became engaged to Prince William in 2010. The ring is set in 14K white gold, and it is estimated to be worth around £390,000 ($465,000).

Image: Arthur Edwards, Getty Images

rockefeller sapphire

Rockefeller Sapphire

The 62.02-carat, rectangular-cut cornflower blue sapphire is renowned worldwide. Tycoon John D. Rockefeller Jr. purchased it from the Nizam of Hyderabad, and it was later sold at auction for $3 million in 2001.


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