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Re-making (re-modelling) a ring, how much does it cost?

Re-making (re-modelling) a ring, how much does it cost?

What is the cost of re-making (re-modelling) a ring in the United Kingdom?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to re-making or re-modelling a ring. It all comes down to the type of ring that is going to be re-made. Another consideration is the cost of new materials the re-make will use. Below we will go through the many different phases as well as the different cost points of all the work involved. Its also really important to remember that no two rings are the same and no two rings will need the same amount of work which is all dependent on what you want to achieve, the type of ring that is being created and also the materials it will take to achieve this. With that said, giving you an exact price of how much it will cost is extremely difficult. However we will discuss the steps and procedures that may arise when remaking or re-modeling your ring.

A guide on the cost of re-making or re-modelling a ring

When it comes to re-making or re-modelling a ring, we firstly need to consider the type of ring we are going to work on, the complexity of the ring design as well as any additional precious metals and/ or gemstones that will be required to complete the job. We also need to think about the best way the job will be done such as the steps in which we will take to get the best results.

Many individuals think that re-making and re-modelling a ring is the same thing. However this is not the case and very much far from reality. There are different factors in regards to both, see below for a more detailed explanation. 

The difference between re-making & re-modelling

Re-modelling a ring involves changing the rings overall design or just part of the design. For example, if you have a solitaire engagement ring but wish to have a halo of diamonds installed around the main stone, we would need to re-model this ring so that the halo can be added. 

Re-making a ring involves the creation of an entire new ring. Usually this can be done by using the precious metal and stones from the previous ring. For example, you may have a cluster ring that is cast in 9ct Yellow Gold, you may want to have it instead cast in Platinum. We would work with the design of the original ring and re-make the ring in Platinum. Once the setting is complete we can re-install your original diamonds or gemstones.

The steps of the process

Each remake or remodel will have its own process, as well as its own time frame. Below we will discuss further how each step is carried out and what each entails. 


Firstly, every single customer, new or existing, will need to have a first initial consultation. At this point we are able to discuss all of your wants and needs which will in turn enable us to get a full grasp of what you require us to do. This step is probably one of the most important as communication and understanding is key for re-making and re-modelling your special jewellery pieces.

Step 1 - Initial Design

All staff here at Sonny's are trained and will be able to go through the design phase with you. Taking into full consideration, your wants and needs as well as giving you professional advice on the design as well as how the process with go specifically for you. This will give you full understanding of everything you will need to know about your new piece as well as the confidence that it will turn out just the way you would like it to.

Step 2 – CAD ( Computer – Aided Design)

This step is the design stage. A CAD design is always needed when creating an item of jewellery for dimension purposes and to ensure our customers are completely happy with their design before the piece is created.

Step 3 - Prototype

Once the design is drawn up on the computer and/ or sometimes by hand, a wax version of the piece is then created, this is what is shown to our customers before actual creation. The wax version gives our customers a real feel of how their piece will be once it’s made. By allowing you to try the wax version on you will be able to adjust anything you might not like, for example, the band of the ring is thicker than you originally hoped it would be. You would then at this point tell us the issue and we can make it right.

Step 4 – Creation

Once the CAD and wax prototype is shown to our customer and they are happy to sign off the design, the piece can then be created. Here at Sonny’s we have an on-site gold smith who completes most of our work right here within our very own work shop. Depending on what is needed, this step can take several weeks because of the intricate steps of creating jewellery as well as potential complex designs.

Step 5 - Completed Ring

As soon as the final version of the ring is complete along with a complementary polish and shine our customer is then able to collect their new beautiful piece.  

Creating a ring from a bespoke design?

Re-making a ring by bespoke designs will be much more expensive. This is because of all the additional work that would be needed in the design phase and the creation of the piece too. One of the good things about creating a ring from a bespoke design is the CAD. With this, if your ring is damaged or lost, your CAD will be on file, therefore there will be less headache trying to remember the design of the ring. Your ring can be easily replicated because we will have the design readily available.

Melting down an old jewellery item to make a new one?

Here at Sonny's we are able to do this for you. Bring all of your scrap precious metals with or without diamonds or gemstones and have your jewellery checked over and evaluated in order for you to create that perfect bespoke piece to treasure for years to come. Next we will discuss the melt and roll process we carry out.

The steps of the melting and roll process

The melt & roll process, here at Sonny’s, is when you bring in jewellery you no longer wear to melt down and use towards a ring, most commonly a wedding ring.

We know that most of the time jewellery that is brought in for melting purposes is because the jewellery has some sort of sentimental value to you therefore in order to move forward we let you know of all the processes and steps that must be taken in order for you to get the piece you require. As well as any other information we think will be of interest before we begin the process.

We weigh all of your jewellery, this will give us an indication of how much metal we have to work with for your new piece. We then have to ensure that all of the metals that will be used are the same metal. For example, we are unable to melt and mix 18ct Yellow Gold with 9ct Yellow Gold together. Be mindful that we are unable to melt platinum pieces.

Once this is complete, we melt all of your jewellery down. Bear in mind you will lose 2g of the previously weighed metal as this is lost during the melting process. The minimum price for this is £200, although this can change dependent on the task ahead. You will be informed of this however way before we start any work. Also we may have to add more metal, which will come at an additional cost.

Once melted, we work on forming your metal into your required piece, check out what the process looks like below.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t a one size fits all cost when it comes to re-making or re-modelling a ring. Factors as described above are all what will make the cost different from another making this the most thought about decision, the price. Whether you want to add diamonds, change metal or repair a damaged ring, each will have their own cost because of the intricate thought and steps that come before the final decision is made. Remember, if you do have a bespoke ring, rest assured your CAD is saved on file as this will help greatly if anything were to happen to your ring. For example, if you were to loose your bespoke ring or damage it. We would be able to look at the CAD and get it remade without any fuss of trying to remember what it looked like etc. If you are considering re-making or re-modelling a ring of your own you can call to book an appointment for a consultation. We are always happy to help with any concerns or worries you may have at the beginning through to the end. 

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