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How do I find my ring size?

How do I find my ring size?

What are the UK ring sizes for men and women?

On the UK ring size chart, ring sizes are labelled alphabetically on the scale of A-Z, with A being the smallest, and Z being the largest. However, if required, this range can be extended above Z for larger sizes. The average ring size for a woman ranges from sizes L to O, whereas for a man, it is typically between R-V. These standard ring sizes can help guide you in the right direction, that is, giving you a better understanding of where to start! 

Tips for finding your ring size 

There are a simple few steps to follow to ensure that you are provided with the most accurate results possible. However, if you are still unsure about whether your measurements are correct, then we recommend visiting us. We would be happy to help you find your finger size and we encourage you to book an appointment today! 

Firstly, try not to measure your fingers when they are cold, or on a hot summer's day, as your hands swell in the heat, and shrink in the cold. If you do this, then there is a high chance that your results will be slightly inaccurate, so instead, it would be ideal to measure your finger at the end of the day, and when it is at room temperature. 

Next, note that the ring size of each hand and finger can be different. For example, a ring that you wear on your index finger may not fit as well on your ring finger. It may even be the case that your left hand ring finger and your right hand ring finger are different proportions and require different sizes. Therefore, don’t assume that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to rings, as it never tends to be the case. 

Finally, consider the setting of your ring. Whilst shopping for rings, you have no doubt come across the endless settings and styles that are available. Just as each setting has a unique look, they each require their own sizing. As an example, a plain wedding band may need a different size compared to a solitaire engagement ring, as if the measurement isn't as exact as possible, then the ring with the stone may turn. Considering the different components of each ring, they all fit differently, so it is not uncommon that two styles of rings, that may even be going on the same finger, may differ in the size needed. 

5 ways to find your ring size at home

Discovering your ring size is as simple as heading to your local jewellery shop and having your finger measured, and it is also the best way to ensure that you have the exact ring size. However, you may wish to gain an understanding of your finger size before you do this, or want an immediate answer. In this case, there are a few easy ways to access your perfect ring fit at home...


Ring Sizer


1- Measure your ring size using our downloadable guide

If you are looking for a quick, easy, but effective way to measure your ring size, then our printable ring strap sizer is the perfect tool for you. Simply download and print out the ring sizer, and then follow the instructions! It would be a good idea to make sure that your finger is at a normal body temperature, as they can shrink or expand due to the weather. You want your ring to fit snugly over your knuckle, not too tight, but also not so loose that it shifts around. 

2- Drawing

One of the simplest ways to figure out sizing would be to take your favourite ring, provided that this is the correct size you are looking for, and draw it around on a piece of paper. Even though this sounds quick and simple, it does prove to be more accurate than guesswork at times. This is because you will be able to provide a jeweller with both the diameter and circumference of the size of your ring, and therefore, an insight into your ring size.

3- With string, paper and a ruler

Start by wrapping string or paper around the base of your finger, marking with a pen where the points meet. Next, measure the string or paper with a ruler (mm), and write down the measurements that you get. You will then be able to compare your results with a ring size chart and find your size.

4- Buy your own ring sizer

For an accurate measurement, you can purchase a ring-measurement tool. There are a few options to choose from, the most popular tending to be a ‘plastic keyring’, or a thin measuring tape, lined with a gradient of ring sizes. Both are readily available online and are not expensive. They will also be handy in the future if you need to measure yours, or someone else’s hand on another occasion!

5- Use an existing ring

If you already have a ring of a similar size to what you are looking for, then you can use this to get an idea of what size would be best. Begin by measuring the distance between the inside of the upper and lower edges of your ring, which will give you the distance, preferably in millimetres or inches. You can then take a look at the UK ring size chart, and check what letter your dimensions correspond to. 

How do I find my partner’s ring size?

Do you want to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing? There are a couple of things you can do!

-Take a wise guess! A person’s fingers tend to be proportionate to their body type. For example, if your partner is petite, then it is likely that they will have smaller, dainty hands. In this case, a woman’s ring size could be H or I, or for men it could be around a size N. This also applies to height. Typically, an average height equals an average finger size. For women, this would be size L 1/2 , and Q for men. If they are above average height or build, then it is recommended to begin at size N for a woman, and T for a man. 

-Borrow. If you do not feel confident enough using this method, then another way would be to borrow an existing ring from your partner. This way, you can take a ring that they already wear to a jeweller to find out the size. From here, you will be able to gain a more reliable insight into the finger size of your partner. However, it is important to remember that engagement and wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand, and that a ring that fits on the index finger, for example, may not fit as well in a different place. 

-Use your own finger. You can also use your own finger to try and determine the ring size of your significant other. You may wonder, though, if this would provide a dependable answer. By sliding a ring that your partner already wears onto your own ring finger, and marking where it gets stuck, you can do so! Where the ring does not go any further will show you where your partner’s ring will fit comfortably on their own finger. Show this mark to a jeweller, and they will be able to provide you with the measurements of a very close size. 

Ring resizing at Sonny's 

If your ring doesn’t fit as nicely as you’d hoped, there is no need to worry! Here at Sonny’s we are able to perform a seamless resize on most types of rings, and when purchasing an engagement ring from us, we will always honour a free resizing offer to ensure the perfect fit for you or your partner. Feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today, and book an appointment.

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