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How do I know if my gemstone ring is real?

How do I know if my gemstone ring is real?

In this day and age, there are a lot of synthetic gemstones available for everyone to buy. And being sure that your gemstone ring is natural before purchase is an absolute must. Some can look very pleasing on the eye, which in turn will not give you any doubt, however there is a lot of synthetic gemstone rings being passed for natural gemstones. But rest assured, whether you have a gemstone ring from the past and want clarification or if you're doing some research before you make a purchase, we are here to help and give you a few tips and tricks in order to ensure your gemstone ring is natural.

Natural gemstones vs synthetic gemstones

There are two types of natural gemstones, Organic and Inorganic. Organic gemstones are formed and produced by living organisms such as pearl, amber and coral. Inorganic gemstones are minerals formed under natural conditions by the earth these include diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Synthetic gemstones are produced in a lab, manmade or lab made. These labs try to recreate the original chemical composition of natural gemstones. They do this by controlling the time, pressure and temperature of different elements in order to recreate different types of gemstones.

Since both types have identical chemical compositions it's hard to tell them apart from one another. It is difficult to determine without the proper training and equipment which is synthetic and which is natural. However there are a few things that can be done to help you get the answer.

Remember, synthetic gemstones are not bad. They hold the exact same chemical compositions as natural gemstones so here at Sonnys we believe they shouldn't be frowned upon.

Ways to determine if your gemstone is natural or synthetic

1 – Flaws and inclusions

As a natural element, most gemstones will have flaws whether they are great or small. A synthetic gemstone will look more perfect or even flawless. This should always make you doubt its authenticity.

Synthetic gemstone makers are able to control the growth process, resulting in more perfect or even flawless gemstones, like Emeralds, you should expect to see some inclusions, and if you find a flawless looking Emerald for below market price, it is a good indication that it's a synthetic gemstone.

2 – The price is too cheap

Dependent on the type of gemstone you have, some are more sought after than others, making them much more expensive. If you come across, for example, a round cut sapphire that’s on sale for £100 you will be able to tell that it can't be a natural sapphire as sapphire stones are much more expensive. A gemstone of that type and the carat that’s synthetic would cost around £10 whilst the natural version would come in at around £700.

A 1ct flawless looking, Columbian green emerald should never retail for £100, and if you find one in the market, be sure to check if the seller has any proof or certification of identity of the gemstone.

3 - The credibility of the seller

Making sure you research the seller before you part with your hard earned money is essential. Check their reviews online, see what others are saying about them. This will give you a good indication of whether or not you can trust them and their products.

Which gemstone is best to invest in?

Given natural gemstones rarity, it's no surprise that they would be the better one to invest in. They are expensive and very sought after because they can be hard to mine at times. But that doesn't mean synthetic gemstones hold no value, especially emotional value. When purchasing an emotional purchase, very little thought would go into the resale value of the piece.

Also with new generations, and millenniums focused more, now than ever, of the health of the planet, synthetic gemstones are looked upon as a less harmful way to possess a gemstone. Synthetic gemstones are much more pocket friendly as well as not being so hard to come by.

Final Thoughts

As a buyer of a gemstone, you have the right to know what type of gemstone you are purchasing. Here at Sonny’s jewellers you will never have to worry what type of gemstone you have as we make sure all of our gemstones whether they are natural or synthetic are labelled and displayed correctly. If in any doubt, just ask. We will be more than happy to go through any other concerns you may have, just contact us.

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