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5 Ways to Make Your Jewellery Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Your Jewellery Last Longer

Jewellery requires care to keep it shining. Many rings, bracelets, and earrings are purchased from us with the intent of regular or daily wear, which means these pieces will inevitably become dirty. Jewellery worn very frequently is especially prone to scratching and damage.

Following the tips below will help to keep your jewellery in great condition for as long as possible, and even allow you to pass it down to future generations!

1. Be Mindful About Where You Wear Your Jewellery 

Jewellery worn very frequently, such as engagement or wedding rings, are especially prone to scratching and damage, because it is very easy to forget that you have it on.

Oil, dust and grime can adhere to the surface of the jewellery and affect its appearance, making it look dull. Certain activities can result in your jewellery getting scratched, knocked, or even lost.

Diamonds are amongst the hardest materials on earth and cannot be scratched as easily as other gemstones, which is part of their appeal. Only another diamond can scratch a diamond. However, diamonds still require great care and attention, and for the reasons above must be stored away from other diamond jewellery. Keeping your diamond jewellery in individual small plastic bags or a fabric-lined case will help to reduce damage. 

Gold and silver are especially soft metals that are susceptible to scratching. This is important to bear in mind during your day to day activities - ensure to remove items such as rings before going to places like the gym, to prevent the metal from being scratched.

If in any doubt, take it off and keep it safe. This includes before going to bed, before going to the gym, and while cooking, cleaning, or bathing.

 2. Avoid Contact With Chemicals 

This includes abrasive chemicals such as household bleach and chlorine, which means removing your jewellery before cleaning and swimming. 

Gold is particularly at risk for chemical damage, and chemicals can cause your gold jewellery to crack and break because it weakens the bond and allows breakage of the metal. At maximum concentration such as pure household bleach, chlorine is so reactive that 14k gold jewellery left in pure bleach solution for 24 hours will be destroyed beyond repair; in extreme cases the gold will be dissolved completely. Chlorine and detergents can also slowly erode the finish and polish of precious gems.

If your jewellery does come into contact with chemicals, be sure to rinse in water immediately and dry thoroughly afterwards with a soft, microfibre cloth. This also means never, ever cleaning your jewellery with bleach! If in doubt, please just contact us store to book in your polish and clean and avail of our professional cleaning service. 

3. Store Your Jewellery Carefully

Store your pieces separately, ideally in a soft-lined box or case, so that your favourite pieces don't tangle, rub or scratch one another. It is also important to make sure chains and necklaces are fastened when storing to avoid tangling.

Most jewellery should be stored away from sunlight, excessive heat or damp conditions. The exception to this rule is pearls, which originate in water and are therefore best kept in a moist environment, which means simply wearing them regularly can keep them in excellent, glowing condition.

For this reason, unlike your other pieces, pearls should not be stored in airtight conditions when not in use - this will leave them prone to cracking. They are best kept in a soft cloth pouch or a soft-lined jewellery box rather than, say, a zip-lock bag. Pearls are also very soft and should therefore be stored well away from hard metals and gemstones to prevent scratching. 

4. Save It For Last

Putting your jewellery on last while getting dressed helps to keep it from coming into contact with things like makeup, perfume and aftershave, which may affect the quality of your jewellery through chemical damage, or otherwise leave a layer of grime on your pieces over time.

5. Have A Cleaning Routine 

Committing to cleaning your jewellery regularly can drastically improve the appearance of your pieces and reduce the amount of time you spend each time you clean. Sonny's offers a range of cleaning products available both online and in store, as well as a professional cleaning service – but you can also clean your jewellery at home, with ingredients you likely already have.


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